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Banco del Bienestar

Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico


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Type of bank
2020 (Previously BANSEFI)
2.82 billion USD

Government of Mexico, operates under the Ministry of Welfare
The Banco del Bienestar, Sociedad Nacional de Crédito, Institución de Banca de Desarrollo, is the main disperser of resources from the federal government's social programs. As a social bank, it promotes and facilitates savings among Mexicans, inside and outside the country, as well as access to first and second floor financing equally for individuals and companies, thus promoting financial inclusion, which is carried out with a gender perspective and taking into account indigenous communities. In addition, it promotes the use, design and promotion of technological innovation in order to provide better financial conditions and payment ecosystems for Mexicans whose access to banking services is non-existent or occurs in unfavorable conditions. For this, the Banco del Bienestar has a presence in the most distant and highly marginalized towns, directly through a wide network of branches, and indirectly through institutional or commercial agreements or alliances with correspondents and private companies, as well as with cooperatives and savings banks that are part of "L @ Red de la Gente". All this in order to be "the bank of Mexicans".

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Covid response

Facilitating the disbursement of government programs to individuals.

Advisory services
Banco del Bienestar has released an advisory to avoid burning crops or other activities that may aggravate respiratory diseases. read more
Posted an advisory to their website regarding workers who have been discimissed or put on leave without pay due to COVID that links workers to a lawyer and the Ministry of Labour. read more
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